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  • Welcome: Gansu Aixiangtian Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd
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    About us

    Gansu Aixiang Sweet Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd

    Gansu Aixiang Sweet Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, with a unified social credit code of 91620822MA740U9964 and a registered address of Xujiagou Village, Zhongtai Town, Lingtai County, Pingliang City, Gansu Province. Legal representative: Ma Hailong. In recent years, the company has successively won the honors of "Excellent Online Shop of Gansu E-commerce Poverty Alleviation", "Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise in Gansu Province", "Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise in Pingliang City", "Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park in Pingliang City", "Local Talents in Pingliang City", "Upwardly Good Youth in Pingliang City", "Annual exemplary individual in Business Economy", "Pioneers in Pingliang City", "Most Beautiful Electronic Businessman in Pingliang City", "Small and Medium sized Technological Enterprises", etc, The company's "Smart Farm, Tracing Big Data Management Platform" project has won the Excellent Award in the 5th China Chuangyi Pingliang Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition, and has obtained a software copyright registration certificate issued by the National Copyright Administration of the People's Republic of China.

    The company's main business includes the operation of mainstream e-commerce platforms, the development, operation and maintenance of shopping malls and website software, the production of pictures and videos, the technical solutions of digital agriculture systems, the design, installation and maintenance of computer rooms, security monitoring, access control, Internet of Things, weather stations, and agricultural monitoring equipment.

    The company hopes that the modernization of agriculture can increase the value of land and allow more young people to return to rural areas, becoming new farmers, entrepreneurial farmers, and industrial farmers. The smart agriculture platform developed by the company has functions such as land leasing (offline Happy Farm), adoption of poultry and fruit trees, product traceability, agricultural e-commerce, one click watering, viewing and monitoring, automatic collection of meteorological, soil, pest, and monitoring image data. The platform integrates big data analysis, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence forward-looking technology into agricultural production and sales, reducing agricultural labor force, and improving the level of agricultural precision management, Help Digital transformation of traditional agriculture. Provide a complete set of digital agriculture management technology solutions.

    The company operates a county-level e-commerce center, two township e-commerce service stations, and multiple village level e-commerce service stations. It is responsible for the construction of the park network, website operation and maintenance, operation of multiple online shopping malls, company promotion, park computer room, security, monitoring, and management of Lingtai County Yusheng Organic Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., Lingtai County Youdelong Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd., Lingtai County Huangfu Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., and Lingtai County Yuqin Tianyuan Fruit Industry Farmers' Professional Cooperative Operation and maintenance of network equipment such as agricultural meteorological stations. We have developed and operated online shopping malls for multiple enterprises under the Lingtai County Supply and Marketing Society, including the offline experience store of Agricultural Products Collection, the Supply and Marketing Zero Distance Mall, and the Zhenpin Gansu Mall.

    The company has three registered brands, namely, "love hometown and sweet", "sweet taste" and "Zhongtai Farm". The company is one of the first batch of poor enterprises recognized by the former Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council (the National Bureau of Rural Revitalization). The company operates mainstream e-commerce platforms, such as Tiktok Mall, Kwai Mall, Taobao Enterprise Store, Pinduoduo Enterprise Store, Jingdong Mall, WeChat official account Mall, etc. At the same time, the company cooperates with China Supply and Marketing Group's "Poverty Alleviation 832" platform, China Post TESCO Group platform, ICBC Mall, China Construction Bank Mall, China Railway 1206 Mall, Nongxiaoshi Tianjin Platform, Alibaba Consumer Assistance Zone Platform, and China Social Poverty Alleviation Network Platform to promote the sales of agricultural products. We have developed and sold over 30 Lingtai specialty products, including Red Fuji Apple, Aifei Apple, Honey Crispy Apple, Ruiyang Apple, Ruixue Apple, Walnut, Middle Taiwan Miscellaneous Grain Set Gift Box, Flaxseed Oil (sesame oil), Perilla Oil, Wheat Flour, and Apricot Kernel.

    The company prioritizes hiring and acquiring agricultural products from impoverished households in daily production and operation, and sold over 3.1 million yuan of agricultural products in 2022. Indirect driving of 102 farmers, with an increase in per capita income of over 500 yuan.



    Contact: HaiLong.Ma

    Phone: +86-13809337322

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    Email: axt_ny@qq.com

    Add: Lingtai County, Pingliang City, Gansu Province, China

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