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    PAPAGO vehicle traveling data recorder full 1080 p hd - copy - copy - copy - copy

    PAPAGO P1 PRO white smart tips vehicle traveling data recorder, start to remind vehicles, speed limit signs warning detection, fatigue driving, turn on the light to remind, full 1080 p hd vehicle traveling data recorder, very fashionable, very smart. Important: the official standard does not include memory card, this part introduces memory card is suggested matching, please note CARDS require a separate purchase! Instructions regarding recording length: 8 g CARDS generally 2-3 hours can be recorded, 16 g card can generally be recorded 5-6 hours, 32 gb card can generally be recorded 8 to 10 hours, to record the length will be due to factors such as recording environment, the picture color, above values are for reference only, please refer to our actual record length, or the memory card vendors labeling shall prevail. More questions you are advised to reply more timely and comprehensive consulting page online customer service.


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